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  • 2024-01-08

mydreamlife英语作文?my ideal lifestyle:Everyone has their own dreams,I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer,not a doctor,not actors,not even an industry.Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous,那么,mydreamlife英语作文?一起来了解一下吧。


My Ideal Life

In my ideal life, I would have the freedom to pursue my passions and interests. I would wake up each day feeling excited about what lies ahead, and have the time and resources to explore new experiences.

One of my biggest passions is travel. I would love to have the opportunity to visit every corner of the world, immerse myself in different cultures, and learn from the people I meet along the way. I would also make it a priority to give back to the communities I visit, by volunteering my time and resources to make a positive impact.

Another important aspect of my ideal life is having meaningful relationships with family and friends. I would value quality time spent with loved ones, and cherish the memories we create together.

Career-wise, I would want to be doing work that aligns with my values and allows me to make a difference in the world. Whether it be through advocacy, innovation or entrepreneurship, I want to feel like I am contributing to a larger cause.

In my ideal life, there would also be a focus on health and wellness. I would prioritize taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This would include regular exercise, meditation, healthy eating habits, and self-care practices.

Overall, my ideal life is one characterized by adventure, connection, purpose, and well-being. I hope to one day make this vision a reality.




生活是每天会有的,但是你现在的生活是你理想中的生活吗?想知道怎么写出一篇关于我理想中的生活的英语作文吗?下面是我给大家整理的my dream life初二的英语作文,供你参考!

my dream life初二的英语作文篇1

My dream life

By the time I become a senior high school student,I will be more mature and more caring for our society.I want to join a lot of clubs and try out for the student council.I like to get involved in the school because I can make a lot of friends in those clubs.As being a good student since the elementary school,I hope to keep up with my good marks.I want to be the number one student in the school,so I have to study very hard.I will try my best to do every single work assigned by the teacher,and never ask anybody to do my homework for me.I will never go on Baidu like this asking somebody to write a paragraph for me.

my dream life初二的英语作文篇2

Though I'm a student now,I believe I'll be a rich man,my life will much beautiful.A big and beautiful house will set in front of me,you can not think how big it is.The car which we have you can not believe how much it is.They just are a part of my life.I believe my life will become much interesting than other.

my dream life初二的英语作文篇3

An ideal is an important coordinate for a" person to realize his or her value of life. Almost everyone has a beautiful ideal.

During my childhood, I found in movies the PLA men were always so brave and elevated that I even wanted to be a general like Li Zhen, who was the first woman general in China. But my short-sighted eyes broke my dream. Then, I wanted to be a per-son who could influence the evolution of the world like Madame Curie, Indira Gandi and so on. Unfortunately I am still a small potato by now. I have to think of other ways to be successful— another ideal. Now, I have decided to be a teacher. As I can't be famous myself, I will help others be; I will give others abilities to propel the society forward.Many people think that to be a teacher means only devoting. Teachers are always linked to the candle, which will keep burning until the end of the life leaving only tears. I think this figure of speech is too sad and dreary. In my opinion, if you are a teacher, you will have an immortal soul because when your students listen to your lectures, they will be impressed with the feature of your personality and mentality of your mind gradually. If one of your students once turns somebody and does an earth-shaking feat, you are safe to say it's your success as a teacher.

Sokrates said, "The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal." To realize my ideal, I should make a good plan. First, the most important thing for me to do today is to study as hard as I can so that I can get much knowledge. If I want to help my stu-dents to be intellectual, I myself must be wise and learned. Sec-ond, I need to go to a good normal university where I can be taught how to teach and I can gain the knowledge of psychology. As a teacher, I will be patient, kind-hearted and lively. I will love them as my brothers and sisters, give them not only love but also respect. I won't spoon-feed students. Instead, I will give them a strong desire to learn and the ability of analyzing. Besides, I will help them build self-confidence and form indomitable will, which will help them face difficulties and setbacks in the future.

If I can get the fortunate opportunity to be a teacher, I am sure that you will see my students become famous very soon. At that time, I will be happier than when I myself become famous because I agree that to give is better than to receive.

I do believe that a teacher is the brightest job under the sun.


My Dread Life

Nevertheless, my life is over.

What a little thing! I knew how the philosophers had spoken; I repeated their musical phrases about the mortal span — yet never till now believed them. And this is all? A man's life can be so brief and so vain? Idly would I persuade myself that life, in the true sense, is only now beginning; that the time of sweat and fear was not life at all, and that it now only depends upon my will to lead a worthy existence. That may be a sort of consolation, buit does not obscure the truth that I shall never again see possibilities and promises opening before me. I am tempted to laugh; I hold myself within the limit of a smile.

And that is best, to smile not in scorn, but in all for bearance, without too much self-compassion.After all, that dreadful aspect of the thing never really took hold of me; I could put it by without much effort. Life is done — and what matter? Whether it has been, in sum, painful or enjoyable, even now I cannot say — a fact which in itself should prevent me from taking the loss too seriously. What does it matter? Destiny with the hidden face decreed that I should come into being, play my little part, and pass again into silence; is it mine either to approve or to rebel? Let me be grateful that I have suffered no intolerable wrong, no terrible woe of flesh or spirit, such as others — alas! alas! — have found in their lot. Is it not much to have accomplished so large a part of the mortal journey with so much ease? If I find myself astonished at its brevity and small significance, why, that is my own fault; the voices of those gone before had sufficiently warned me. Better to see the truth now, and accept it, than to fall into dread surprise on some day of weakness, and foolishly to cry against fate. I will be glad rather than sorry, and think for the thing no more.


综述:Nowadays,almost everyone is more concern about money than their health.They are working-hard and have no enough time to sleep let alone to do some exercise.

In my eyes,we should build up an right attitude of keeping fit.Every weekend,we can have some gentle sports.For example:Along with jogging and swimming,cycling is one of the best all-round of exercise.It can help to increase your strength and energy.



My ideal life is a harmonious blend of personal fulfillment, meaningful relationships, and continuous growth. It revolves around pursuing my passions and making a positive impact on others. I envision a career that allows me to utilize my talents and contribute to society. I strive for a balanced lifestyle, prioritizing physical and mental well-being. Cultivating deep connections with family and friends is essential, creating a supportive network. Embracing new experiences, learning from challenges, and fostering a spirit of gratitude are key. Ultimately, my ideal life is one filled with purpose, joy, and the pursuit of constant self-improvement.

以上就是mydreamlife英语作文的全部内容,如下:My ideal life is gorgeous. It is full of happiness everywhere. Free and happy 'little angels live in every corner, releasing brilliant brilliance.我理想中的生活很绚丽,它到处充满着快乐,内容来源于互联网,信息真伪需自行辨别。如有侵权请联系删除。