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  • 2023-08-26

想成为教师的英语作文?because there’s an old saying “where there is a will, there is a way.”当我认真听老师讲课的时候我想成为一名教师。我觉得当我长大后我可以成为一名教师。我可以帮助许多学生好好学习。我还可以和我的学生一起玩。那么,想成为教师的英语作文?一起来了解一下吧。












Title: I Want to Become a Teacher

As a student, I have always admired teachers and their ability to inspire and educate young minds. That is why I want to become a teacher myself.

Being a teacher is not just about imparting knowledge, it is also about being a role model and mentor to students. I believe that by becoming a teacher, I can make a positive impact on the lives of my students and help them achieve their full potential.

To become a good teacher, I know that I need to continue learning and improving myself. This means staying up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and technologies, as well as honing my communication skills and cultivating patience.

In short, becoming a teacher is not just a career choice for me, it is a calling. I am excited about the prospect of guiding and inspiring future generations, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to become the best teacher I can be.

Difficult words:

1. Imparting (verb): conveying information or knowledge (传授)

2. Mentor (noun): an experienced and trusted adviser (导师)

3. Hone (verb): refine or perfect (磨练)





这种关于梦想的作文其实很好写,可以从写想成为洞仔含老师的原因,还可以写成为老师之后可以做的事情,这边 给你准备了3个范文,可以参考一下哦~


I want to be a teacher in the future, because I think being a teacher is a good job. My teachers are very good. Some of them are gentle, but some of them are not. But I think they all care for students very much. I want to be a good teacher like them. I think I will be strict with my students in the class. But after class, I want to be their friend and help them in studying and life. Besides, it can help me to keep a young heart to stay with young students. I must work hard for my dream.





If I were a teacher, I want to be a kind and have high efficiency of the teacher. "High efficiency" is taught the students is good. The teacher why wants to students every day? Teacher is tough in adult eyes is good, but students will misunderstand the teacher's stern is bad. As a result, students will be on the teacher's back, scold the teacher, said the teacher. And I won't, I will not be scolded by the teacher, the students do I want to be a real by students, heartfelt praise of the teacher.

If I were a teacher, I can familiar with each lesson, I'll prepares a lesson earnestly. In class, I'll use vivid language to move the heart of every child. I want to be like he teacher, with his unique teaching method named student. In my class, I don't want my students to follow reference book "walk". I want my students to use their wisdom to understand the text. At the same time, I will let my classroom full of vigor, fun, to make my students to actively participate in.


When the teacher needs to have abundant knowledge and enough patience, you also need to have a selfless love. Our teacher in charge teacher Chen has these. Whenever the students learning state is abnormal, she will talk with us in time. And during the summer and winter vacation or at ordinary times many times to come to visit, understand the students' family situation, to communicate with their parents. To help students through individual learning situation.

Our teacher has enough knowledge. Every time we put forward a variety of problems, they can be easily answered. When we were puzzled, they very patient according to their own teaching experience, from our point of view, speaks bother to pass through.

My dream is to become a good teacher. To be a teacher because I think is happy. When you see my students leave school, on each post show of his own life; When saw them set up their own career success: when they have a harmonious family; When she saw her students in their respective field, pieces gain honor... It feels like to see their own orchard, fruit trees blossom, "plum full world" this is when the teacher happiness. This is the reason I determined to want to be a teacher.


Dream is a beautiful word. I like it very much. I think everyone should have an eternal dream, because dreams are very important to us.

My dream is to become a teacher. Because the teacher can teach students knowledge. When I saw their smiling face, I will be very happy. Our teacher is very friendly to us, so I will be kind to my students. Our teacher often joking with us, we also like to joke with them. I think, the teacher is a good job, because it is very interesting.

If I grow up want to be a teacher, I must study hard. I often read English books, in all the subjects, I like English best. So I want to be an English teacher.

This is my dream, although very small, is unlikely to be realized, but I believe that as long as effort will realize, this is my dream, so what's your dream?




Every one has a dream. I have a dream, too. I have a dream that one day I could become a math teacher.

I love math very much, because I think math is quite useful. It's useful when people are buying things. It's useful when students are learning subjects like physics and chemitry. And it's useful when scientists are doing experiments. Teachers can not only help students to learn things but also teach the students to apply what they learn into practice.

Therefore, I hope to be a math teacher in the future. I want to help more students learn math.


I want to be a English teacher in the future.Because I can help students with English.

This dream is from one day.In the summer,the weather was hot.The all of students were in the classroom.They were drank juice.The English teacher wasn’t drank somethings.He was taught us English at all time.I thought the English teacher was very great.So I want to be a great English teacher.

I have to study English hard for this dream.How I look for become a English teacher.


I have a dream about my career. I want to be a teacher, because I think teacher is a good job. Generally speaking, teachers have much knowledge. They can help students to enrich their knowledge. Besides, teachers can communicate with students all the time. It helps teachers keep young at heart. Finally, teachers have two long holidays a year. In the free time, I can do many things I like. And I have time to travel. It makes me exciting. I must work hard to realize my dream.





What makes a good teacher? Many people, even students attending a teacher training college, think that being a teacher is an easy task. Moreover, our society believes that any person can become a teacher; But experience has shown that not anybody is capable of being a teacher. There are a lot of personality traits that are required to be a good one. First of all, a good teacher must have the necessary knowledge to teach his subject. Perhaps this item sounds as an obvious one, but there are cases in which students realise that their teacher is incapable of answering their questions. Consequently, a good teacher must brush up his knowledge to be prepared to clarify his student's doubts. Secondly, it is important that a teacher has a well - balanced personality. It is not easy to be in contact with students who differ greatly one from another. A good teacher should respect the different points of view of his students and not dismiss them. If so, the teacher will encourage his students to play an important part in the class, creating the necessary feedback. Thirdly, the sense of justice, especially while dealing with adolescents, is of prime importance. When a teacher takes a decision, it has to be applied to all the students in the course. Preferences should be avoided, due to the fact that injustice creates a feeling of resentment in the other students in the class. Accordingly, a good teacher has to have recourse to common sense to give all his students an egalitarian treatment no matter what their colour, thoughts or religious beliefs are. Another feature a teacher should have is to be helpful with his students. Sometimes students go through difficult situations, such as a relative death or their parents divorce, and need some help. A good teacher should listen to his students trying to be caring and supportive with them and advice them if necessary. This will show that the teacher is not a callous person and will help to improve the relationship between the teacher and his students. Finally, a good teacher must be demanding with his students. It has been shown that lenient teachers do not gain students' respect. On the contrary, students respect demanding teachers and remember them ever after finishing their studies. If a teacher is demanding, students do not have time on their hands to be unruly, because they have to work the whole class. This is the best way to be respected as a teacher.


How to become a good teacher!A teacher means a good person who loves his or her students.And he or she is good at the job.As for students, a good teacher can make them happy,and can give them lots of interesting knowlage.A teacher is crucial to the students in their lives.If the teacher is kind, the students will be kind people in the future.If the teacher is strict,the stduents will be strict people in the future.In a word,teachers influence their students.So a good teacher's behavior must be good.How ever nobody can do everything well,so a good teacher should try his or her best to do things well.The best important things is that a good teacher can help the students with the subject.A teacher can meet all kinds of students,and some are very good,but others are not very good.So a good teacher should regards them as the same.Well,a good teacher is our dream,so hold on your dream that is to be a good teacher,you must achieve. OK.How do you like my article ,my teacher said that I am a middle school student but my article is like a high school student's article.I hope that you like it .


How to be a good english teacher

Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to talk about“How to be a good English teacher”. To be honest, I’m really happy to stand here and say something about it.

First of all, as a teacher of English, we must study English everyday. We must improve our English . We should take a lot of time to learn English. The ways how to improve our English are many now. Such as reading English books, magazines, newspapers, listening to tape recorders of English and radio, watching VCD of English and TV and seeing films. Today most of us and our schools have computers. We can use it to look up English programs for watching, listening and even for talking and writing.Anyway, learning English takes time, so we must have a strong will and enough patience. Please remember“Rome was not built in a day !” If we are good at English, we can teach it easily and freely.

Secondly, we must change our teaching ways. “Interest is the best teacher.” We must make the students learn English on the base of interest. Let them study happy and relax. We should give the most of time to students. Let them do more practice with English. we can also help them to play games, practice in groups, have free talks, tell stories, sing English songs and so on. These activities can make the students change “Want me to study” into “ I want to study ” and “ I love study ”.

Thirdly, To be a good English teacher, we must think it is important to love our job and love our students. Love your students. They will love you, too. The students can study hard just because of the teacher’s love. We should care for each student.

In a word, we should put our hearts and souls into the teaching career. Here is a rhyme we can remember.

Good, better, best

Never let it rest

Till good is better

And better is best.


A good teacher, in our minds,means that giving us all knowledge he knows absolutely, supervising studentsstrictly, teaching students by holding their hands, assigning proper homeworkto students and being kind enough to give students time to relieve pressure and so on. Of course, these are my previous ideas which show myimmaturity to a certain extent. But those ways catering to examination-orientededucation are necessary before stepping into university. With the age andexperience growing, my thoughts become mature gradually.